Hi, I am Neyra
Designed to keep you in control of your Ads and CRM KPIs

When you need to be on top of your competition with accurate insights about marketing and sales

I will show you smart and “easy win” decisions.

  • End-to-end analytics

    While Google Analytics shows you only web data, I collect data from the web, ad accounts, and CRM and match it using my unique algorithm.

  • All-in-one Dashboard

    I already know every important KPI for your business and I will show you a helicopter view in real-time.

  • Customer journey map

    I will allow you to track your individual customers’ actions from the first click on your website to the deal closing and repurchase.

dashboard screenshot mobile

So here are the things I can do for you:


I offer you to deal with a unique user tracking algorithm that overpowers other tracking systems with its accuracy.

Hasta la vista, baby Google Analytics.


Everything is simple. Just in few clicks you can connect any known CRM or advertising accounts to my system.

  • AD Network

    • Facebook
    • Google Adwords
    • Yandex Direct
    • VKontakte
  • CRM

    • Zoho
    • Pipedrive
    • Hubspot
    • Bitrix24
    • AmoCRM
    • GetCourse
    • Freshsales
    • Zoho
    • Pipedrive
    • Hubspot
    • Bitrix24
    • GetCourse
    • Freshsales


I will safely store and display all important business metrics in one place.

dashboard screenshot mobile
alerting image


I will identify when something is going the unexpected way with your business and will notify you.

Impressive? Why don't we do a test?

I was created to make it simple for you, human

Trust me, it's an easier way out than whatever asinine plan your friend came up with.

I will help you end your struggles:

  • Too much expensive and inefficient work

    I will eliminate the expensive marketers and analysts and help to get rid of the complex TORs for programmers

  • Too many scattered data sources

    You don't need to login to your CRM, listen to calls, and try to figure out how to increase sales conversion rate. I’ll do it for you!

  • Too many hours spent on analyzing

    You won’t need to spend tons of time trying to put it all together, analyzing your business... With me, you will focus on developing it.

Plug me in, and I'll take you up to the infinity and beyond!

Still don’t get it?

I am your torch in the dark! Just, come on!